Optimising your pension

Increase your retirement benefits and ensure that you have the right pension strategy in place with the Pension Consolidation Service from The Insurance Partnership Financial Services.

Throughout our careers, many of us end up collecting a range of different workplace pension and personal pension plans. These different plans or schemes are likely to have individual charging structures, and may be invested in a way that does not provide best value for money.

As part of our Pension Consolidation Service, we’ll review your existing arrangements, looking at all your different plans and schemes to see whether there is any benefit in bringing them together.

The benefits of pension consolidation

Our expert team of pension advisers specialise in creating tailored pension and investment programmes designed to help maximise your retirement benefits.

Where appropriate, we will consolidate multiple pension policies to:

  • Simplify fees and minimise management costs
  • Align your investments and pensions with your risk profile
  • Deliver better returns on your pensions and investments
  • Provide better value for money for a more prosperous retirement

To book your free, no obligation pension consultation with a friendly member of our expert team, please call 01482 217234, or complete a request for advice contact form today.

Case Study

A client in his early 40s came to visit us. He had worked for multiple different businesses over the previous 20 years and had accumulated 2 workplace pensions, in addition to a separate private scheme. He was concerned about how complex things were getting, and the amount he was paying out in fees each year.

After examining the policies and talking to the client about his risk profile and retirement goals, we were able to consolidate these 3 plans into a single policy.

This provided our client with a much simpler, clearer view on the performance of his investments, whilst reducing the amount he was paying in fees by thousands of pounds over the lifespan of the product. Current projections show that when our client retires in 20 years time, this new plan will provide him with almost £75,000 more to spend.

“Over the past few years Paul has been our sole advisor. His advice has always proved sound and we feel that our money couldn’t be in better hands!”

Tony & Eileen Gurevitch

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