Jordan Apawu-Watson on his Internship at The Insurance Partnership Financial Services

Uncategorized // September 20, 2017

I am a second year student at the University of Hull studying Business and recently undertook an internship at The Insurance Partnership Financial Services.

Originally from London, I transferred to Hull after completing a Business and Management foundation year at the Scarborough Campus, which has sadly closed down.

My transition from Scarborough to Hull made me realise how much I had missed city life, but at the same time brought to my attention how much I hate congestion and over population. However, I love Hull! It’s not too big and not too small and I really feel at home here. I’m so pleased it became the UK’s City of Culture for 2017.

My past academic year of study at the Hull Business School has been a rollercoaster. Not only has it taught me a lot about myself as a young man, but Hull has played its role too. From bizarre nights out, to watching Hull City beat my beloved Liverpool FC (only to get relegated), to exam stress. I’ve loved every second of it and have learnt many lessons. This is what life is all about, learning and growing.

My greatest experience however has been meeting my girlfriend, even though I remember scoffing when we were told at the induction speech that some of us might find our future partners at University!

I opted this summer to gain some valuable experience in the business sector and came to The Insurance Partnership Financial Services Ltd. The Company is not only here for the benefit of their clients and the deliverance of expert financial advice, but also for young people like me who are looking for a way to expand their knowledge and horizons. I thoroughly enjoyed gaining insight into how the company is run and even as young as I am, definitely considering using their services and managing my finances in the future, because of their excellent track record in helping their clients to create, grow and secure their wealth.

In the near future my goal is to graduate from the University of Hull with a first class degree and eventually go on to setup a business facilitating student accommodation.

Photo Nigel Goodinson Pension & Autoenrolment adviser

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